Morning Exercise 7-7-14: Word “Veracity”

Start with the word of the day from the New York Times.


veracity •\və-ˈra-sə-tē\• noun: : unwillingness to tell lies


Now free-associate.


Sounds like the capital of Iowa or Idaho: Vera City.

No one there ever tells a lie.

“Jesus, you look like hell this morning.”

“I just farted, by the way.”

Or a movie with Bradley Cooper.

He’s an eyewitness to a Mob killing.

His girlfriend: “Just lie, for God’s sake. You’re driving me nuts.”

Or a new drug.

Gauzy commercial with picture-perfect family frolicking on emerald-green lawn.

You’re never sure what the drug’s for. Maybe feeling sad? Having to live in a world that’s not a commercial? Being too human?

“Side-effects may include hair loss, sexual dysfunction, gastric pain, and tactlessness.”

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