Remember this

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I stood. Went out. Everything gleaming. A radiance. Honeyed light. Distant sound. Children playing. Heedless joy. Tears, too. All one. Evening falls. Cicadas whirr. Look, fireflies! Mason jar. Low murmur. Sweet cadence. Streetlight glow. Shimmering blue. Powdery wings. Hide, seek. Years flee. The longing. To stay. To go. Boy, girl. The mystery. An aching. Low whistling. Brakes hissing. Pained look. Tender now. Scented letter. You first. Where now? Who knows. Remember this. Soft hair. Remember this. Whispered promise. Remember this. That kiss.


Photos by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu (Smithsonian Magazine)



© 2014 Jim Abbot

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