Let Me Call You Sweetheart



I gotta rest. Where are we?


Dunno. All I seen is trees for miles, seems like.


You think they stopped? I ain’t heard ’em for a while.


What’s the use of having the run of that place if you was not gonna get rid of him before we jumped that fence? I thought you was gonna deal with that.


I did too. 


You did too deal with it? Or you did too think you was gonna?


Thought I was.


Why the hell didn’t you?


Couldn’t make myself. He’s sweeter ‘n any person I ever met. I love that dog.


Probly gonna get you shot dead before sundown. You and me both.


We all gotta go sometime. And I guess if I gotta go, might as well be because of that sweet dog.


If that dog was here right now, I can promise you, you’d be singin’ a different tune. The blues, probably.


Well, he ain’t here right now. So you don’t know what I might be singin’. I might be singin’ “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”


What you talking about, Bubba?


If you never heard that song, then you done missed out. I could sing it for you right now, but he knows the sound of my voice and he’s gon chime right in.


Damn you, Bubba. You always was a fool about that dog.


And he’s a fool about me too. I tell you what. He’s probably leading that posse on a wild goose chase right now.


I sure as hell hope you’re right.


This time next year, if we’re celebrating Christmas in Miami, we gon have the sweetest dog in the world to thank for it.


Come on, I guess we better get movin’.


© 2014 JCA Jr. and LHA

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