Around Manhattan in 80 Days

Just a a month before “The Great New York City ‘Just Because It’s There’ Adventure of Fall 2014.” Exclamation point. If you happen to be wandering in this part of Manhattan anytime from September to December, keep an eye out for yours truly.


Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 9.48.18 PM


On my list for those 80 days? Glad you asked. Here are a few thoughts. And would LOVE your suggestions.


  1. Starting a book.
  2. Walking the High Line.
  3. Talking to whoever will listen and talk to me.
  4. Making a nuisance of myself at this place.
  5. Helping my niece with her homework.
  6. Helping these folks out occasionally.
  7. Kayaking the Hudson.
  8. Finally getting to visit this place.
  9. Bike riding in Central Park, as the leaves are changing.
  10. Getting back to the Greek and Roman gallery at the Met.
  11. Cooking dinner for my hardworking wife. (Okay, okay, also getting takeout.)
  12. Film screenings at MOMA.
  13. Just wandering around.
  14. Blogging, yes.
  15. Preparing to deliver a talk on inspired teaching at a conference in Virginia.


What else would you suggest???

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