It’s the Little Things That Count

For the last few years, I have enjoyed working with several staff members, faculty, and students at Agnes Scott College to draw attention to the lovely trees on the college’s gorgeous campus. Among other things, I was twice asked to teach a first-year seminar of my design titled Trees and Forests, and working closely with student Kimberly Reeves ’12 (now sustainability program manager at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs) and ITS staff member Tammy Roundy, we succeeded in creating an unusual arboretum that incorporates a liberal arts approach to educating people about trees. It’s all been most satisfying. 


After an important meeting this morning, at which several of us tree professionals and enthusiasts presented an important report to the college leadership, I had a wonderful surprise. The college’s Director of Sustainability Susan Kidd and a former student of mine now working in the Office of Development, Katie Thompson, informed me that the college has raised more than $1000 (and growing!) in my honor for its Arboretum Fund. Each of the notes pictured below represents the thoughtfulness of a former colleague, student, or fellow employee who has donated some amount of money in my name to support trees on campus.


Not a big deal, in one sense, but in another sense, it’s monumentally important. Every kindness in our lives we should treasure like gold. Because — wait for a platitude that is no less true for being a truism — it’s the little things that count. In the end. And well before the end, too.




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