Your Thoughts Needed: Survey on Teaching and Learning

Lynnfield High School (MA), 1988



Do you have 10 minutes to answer a few questions about your experiences as a student? 


In October, I will be attending a small gathering of academics who work in my discipline of classics. My presentation at this conference will be on teaching. If you have read any of the posts here on Traces, you probably know that I taught classics — Latin language and literature, Roman history and culture — for three decades, at both the high school and college levels. Drawing on those experiences and on some reading that I have been doing, I hope to ask some good questions and offer a few tentative observations on the future of teaching in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.


For that presentation, it will be very helpful to have your opinions. I have developed a 10-minute survey to enable you, your family, and your friends to offer your thoughts on a topic we all know something about. That is, the experience of being a student.


So, would you …

  1. complete the survey yourself? (Bear in mind: part of the survey involves watching a short YouTube video.)
  2. send the link to your family and friends?
  3. post the link on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media?


Thanks so much for your help with this. The links are below. You may forward either link or both, as you see fit.


Short link to this blog post:

Link to the survey:

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