Several people have opted to follow Traces in the last few days. Welcome to the crazy hodgepodge of miscellany that is this blog! We’re delighted to have you. You can find each other in the sidebar under the heading “Community.”


Also, a special thanks to those of you who have been checking in since I started Traces. Yes, I’ve said that I’m content to write for the not-I-in-me, if no one else is interested. One goal being to develop some ideas that could find their way into, well, a you-know-what. (The Roman satirist Juvenal wrote, stulta est clementia, cum tot ubique vatibus occurras, periturae parcere chartae, which I translate very loosely as, “It’s just stupid for a blogger to deny a secret aspiration to be a book author. Why deny it? Somebody‘s gonna get published, so it might as well be you or me.”) But it’s so much more satisfying to have a not-I-out-there or two or 50 to provoke, entertain, amuse, etc.


Years ago, when I made an ill-advised move into higher education grant writing and foundation relations, I found that I did not know how to start my job until I had some guidelines or principles on which to base my day-to-day work. So I drafted some. I’m quite certain that my boss thought then (and often later, for other reasons) that I was a bit daft. (He wasn’t wrong, you know.)


With the arrival of you new readers, maybe it’s an opportune time for me to try again. What do you think about these?


  1. Be honest.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Be honest.


A final note. It’s okay to comment if you want but only if you want. Have something to say, after you’ve read a post? Go ahead and say it. Life is short, I’m told.


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