The Wisdom of Children: More of It

I’ve neglected this category after a strong start way back in June (here and here). 


So here’s the scene. We’ve joined our six-year-old niece and her father for dinner at a nearby restaurant. She mentions, and not for the first time, how exceedingly bald her father is.


Your blogger, her uncle, takes it upon himself to instruct: “You know, some people might not like your making a comment about the way they look. What if the situation were reversed? Would you like it if somebody made a remark about your appearance?”


“Me?!” she replies. “But I’m not bald.” True that.


(Bright girl. On another occasion, I’m helping her with her first-grade homework. She has to find words that conform to the pattern of “pin,” e.g., tin, bin, or fin. She opts for “penguin” and then flat refuses to believe me when I say it’s not spelled “pingwin.” She relents only after growing bored with yanking my chain.)


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