Out experiencing the city today and it came to me. What makes places like this seem so special is the juxtaposition everywhere of the monumental and the intimate. I know that insight is old news to the more architecturally savvy among you, but I had never thought of it before. 


On a walk in Central Park, I had the vista on the left. Then on the way home, I happened upon the pretty little entrance to the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration on 29th Street.



It wasn’t just those two scenes, though. It was the three-year-olds in the playground against the backdrop of high-rises along 5th Avenue. The one person lying prone in the middle of the 55-acre Great Lawn. And my flight of little beer glasses amid the hubbub of Rattle ‘N’ Hum on 33rd Street? Well, okay, that’s stretching it.





2 thoughts on “Eureka

  1. Well, you know how the song goes: “A go getter maybe I’m not / I’m not known for doin’ a lot / But I do my best work when the weather’s hot / I’m pretty good at drinkin’ beer.”

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