Life is …


Head-scratching befuddlement. Wasn’t it just last week that my siblings and I were kneeling in a large sandbox located about where you can see shrubs growing in the background of this video?


And wonderment. Because wasn’t it just a few days ago that the father of this very baby was himself being given an “underdog” push in a swing hanging from the branch of a long-gone tree that used to shade that very sandbox?


And amazement. Because this baby’s father is simply the first and oldest in a group of first cousins who in the last day or two (it seems) went from needing diaper changes and clutching at Cheerios with their stubby little hands, to starting careers and going to grad school and choosing their college majors and finishing up high school.


And resolve. Because surely there’s something you and I can do today, tomorrow, and the day after that to make this world, the one that this baby is inheriting, a little more hospitable, somewhat friendlier, a bit more compassionate — just a better place overall?


One thought on “Life is …

  1. Yes, we can’t go back and relive those long sessions of frog house building in that sandbox. Nor can we jump to a future where all of those cousins are settled and content. But we can cherish Eli and all of his second cousins and, as you say, be a part of a better world.

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