We love lists, don’t we?


Five Salad Mistakes Everyone Makes. The Most Pet-Friendly Spots in America. Five Things You Can Do With Your Slow-Cooker That Don’t Involve Food. Top Five Crimes Committed by Squirrels. The Dumbest Stuff That Donald Trump Has Ever Said.


Okay, I’m in. After roughly 260 posts, I’m running out of things to say that you haven’t long since tired of hearing me say.


Forthwith, therefore, my top five surefire cures for cynicism:


Number 1: Being Around Children (Cat Optional)




Number 2: Planting Trees




Number 3: Planting Trees with Children



Number 4: Being Visited With Unanticipated Moments of Inexplicable Connection


DSC_0065 (1)


Number 5: Pondering the Wondrous Immensity and Beauty of the World, Preferably With Someone I Love



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