eight o’clock we’re right on time where’s the boat / see we have to walk through this big boat and then step down into that much smaller one / we’re off / um no thanks (does anyone really drink schnapps at this time of the day) yes to coffee though always yes to coffee / the water’s so blue what shade would you say how about ‘adriatic blue’ okay okay ‘cerulean’ it is / choppy at the moment i wonder whether they have dramamine just in case / your first day doing this wow no problem no really your english is good what’s that again / sandwiches sure why not all this sitting and watching rocky islands slide by makes a person hungry / first trees then grass for sheep what happened to the sheep / beautiful what else can you say / i think we have to swim don’t you i can see straight to the bottom look at all these fish around my legs / off to our lunch spot / it’s hard to eat a fish when it’s staring at you / more wine, please / he said it’s time to return to civilization let’s ignore him


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