The Ethicist



Dear Ethicist, 


In the past, I was a fan of a well-known faux conservative blowhard whose shtick on television made it possible for him to say anything to anyone, not excluding (on one memorable occasion) some outrageously insulting jokes in the presence of a sitting president of the United States. More recently, I watched him conduct, in his own person, an embarrassingly craven interview with a narcissistic billionaire who has mounted a faux populist-slash-nativist campaign for the presidency. Do I have an ethical obligation to give the late-night TV host a second chance, or may I now write him off?



Erstwhile Member of the C—— Nation


Dear Erstwhile,


By all means, stop watching his videos. There’s just so much vicarious humiliation that a person can take.






Dear Ethicist,


My wife and I live in a five-bedroom house that was once home to two young men who have since vacated the premises. Now, because I work only part-time, I often find myself alone in an edifice that could provide shelter to the entire population of Edgehill, the smallest incorporated city in the State of Georgia. Would it be unethical of me to surprise my wife by inviting the entire population of Edgehill, Georgia, to move in with us? To keep me company during the day?



House Rich &  Son Poor


Dear House,


I’m sure your wife would not mind sharing her home with the good people of a town that was originally called “The Skillet,” but it would be unethical to entice Edgehillians to Atlanta if you cannot also provide a ample room for their bird dogs and space in your driveway for their ATVs. May I suggest an alternative? I see a listing for a house on 41 acres near Edgehill.


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.19.02 AM


The asking price is $500.00. Why not surprise your wife instead by selling your home in Atlanta and purchasing (what a steal!) this house in Glascock County. Naturally, with only two bathrooms for 26 people, you’ll have to work out some kind of system for access to the “facilities,” but I’m sure you’re up to it.




Dear Ethicist,


Is it defensible for me to spend even ten minutes typing out a blog post as silly as this one, and more to the point, is it ethical for me to expect anyone to spend even one minute reading it? 





Dear Chagrined,


No, it’s absolutely not defensible. Now go grade those quizzes and homework assignments and stop procrastinating.


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