Secrets, Part Two


“I’m fine! How are you?”


Oh no you’re not. But okay. I respect your right to privacy.


Also your resolve. Your determination to be “fine” by declaring yourself fine. What do people say? Fake it ’til you make it. 


It’s kind of you, too. You’re thinking, “No one wants or needs to hear about my problems. They have their own problems to sort out.” There’s some truth in that, isn’t there?


I suppose there’s another possibility. Somewhat less commendable. 


Most of us have a hard time with vulnerability. That’s the nicer way to put it. We think: if I expose myself, will I get hurt? People can be insensitive, even cruel. Better to shield myself. 


The not-so-nice version: if you admit to weakness, you will no longer be in a position to judge. To feel superior. 


And that would be intolerable. 


“I’m doing great! Thanks for asking. Great to see you, and tell your wife I said hi.”


Images © 2010, 2011 Mark Henley



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