At the Rodeo


The animals did their duty and trotted out of the arena, thoughts already elsewhere.


Cowboys and cowgirls — ropes coiled, chaps dusted — hung their heads.


Bruin Waste Management sponsored the steer-wrestling competition.


The loudspeakers buzzed and crackled: “DALE unintelligible unintelligible unintelligible LAST unintelligible unintelligible HORSE unintelligible unintelligible GOMER (???) unintelligible unintelligible …


The clown wasn’t clownish, though he certainly tried.


The families sitting in the stands were strangely silent.


With patience and determination, a little boy stood pointing. And kept pointing. And pointed some more. At what, no one knew.


Behind and above us, the sky glowed.


We had a great time.


DSC_0326 (1)


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