As Inspirational As Anything I’ve Seen Lately

Vertical Forest

Boeri Studio (Boeri, Barreca, La Varra)

Milan, Italy





  • 900 trees (each measuring 3, 6 or 9 meters) and over 2000 plants
  • equivalent to 1.75 acres (7000 square meters) of lush forest
  • equivalent to almost 20 acres (75,000 square meters) of single-family homes
  • magnet for spontaneous recolonization of Milan by vegetation and animal life
  • eventually a network of environmental corridors within Milan
  • creates a micro-climate that filters dust particles, creates humidity, absorbs CO2, produces oxygen, and protects people from the sun’s rays and from noise pollution
  • Serves as an “ecology billboard”


FLYING GARDENERS from Stefano Boeri Architetti on Vimeo.


See also Forest City and Mountain Forest Hotel.

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