Five Quick Takes 8.30.16

  1. A salad spinner costs as little as $10. If we can send an astronaut to the moon, I say that we can get a salad spinner into every kitchen in America!!!
  2. Trump suggests that Ivanka could end up playing Hillary Clinton in a trial debate: “Wouldn’t she be great at that?” Okay, sure …  But let me ask, do you ever get that feeling where you know something’s not quite right, a little off somehow, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is? That’s the feeling I get whenever I read about Daddy Donald and his daughter Ivanka.
  3. I’m still not ready to comment on the long-running Taylor Swift versus Kanye West controversy. Please be patient.
  4. Who decided that toilet paper should take the form of a continuous sheet wound up on a flimsy cardboard tube? How primitive! Don’t you think there’s something comical about the contrast between, on the one hand, the smartphone that someone’s staring at while he or she is perched on the toilet, and on the other, the roll of toilet paper hanging from the wall? (Feel free to ask me about the Toto SW554-01 Washlet S300, which I recently took for a “test drive” in Tokyo.)
  5. The other night, a character on television said, only half-seriously, “Life is just a series of moments.” Is that heartening or depressing? At the moment, I can’t decide.


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