Five Quick Takes 9.1.16

Ria’s Bluebird, Atlanta


  1. Mixed in the very same bowl and cooked on the same griddle for the past 16 years, and still the only pancakes in existence, now and probably forever, that aren’t better in theory than in fact. I am so not joking about this — get that smirk off your face.
  2. Speaking of religious experiences, a pilgrimage is “a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance,” according to Wikipedia. Let’s play a parlor game: say you get to make just one (more?) pilgrimage. Where would you go? For me it’s easy: the end of the earth, wherever it is. (Sure, I know that’s cheating. Patagonia? The East Siberian taiga? The heart of the Amazon? You tell me.)
  3. Decades ago, I got a phone call from a woman who claimed to work for a bank in Charlotte, saying that they’d had our home under surveillance and that law enforcement was on the way to arrest me. Turns out some guy had in fact been using my father’s name (which I share, as his namesake) to commit crimes all over the Southeast — a lover of irony, I guess, as my father was a judge. Anyway, it just occurred to me today: why’d she bother calling me first?
  4. Bruno Schulz (1892-1942) was killed during World War II by the German Gestapo. His novel titled Messiah went missing. Forty-five years later a nephew contacted his biographer: a package with several of his uncle’s papers had been spotted. But he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage before he could say where. Three years later, the Swedish ambassador to Poland contacted the biographer to report that an office worker at the KGB had come across the novel in an incorrectly shelved Gestapo file, but the ambassador died of cancer before providing the details.
  5. Finally, if you haven’t come across it already, from award-winning illustrator Jungho Lee:


All rights reserved / Jungho Lee

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