Five Quick Takes 10.19.16

1. What’s going on with brawls at Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants?

2. Going to see the musical Hamilton tonight on Broadway. With most of the original cast gone, I’m not sure what to expect.

3. It’s gotta be at least 80 degrees in New York today. Is there something going on with the weather that I should know about?

4. As more and more restaurants opt to serve food made from local ingredients and simply prepared, which is a good thing, it’s more and more questionable why a person shouldn’t just stay home and cook.

5. In the category of things you don’t want to know. Trump, his sons, and his campaign aides have been going after the so-called alt-right crowd, the white nationalists whose message of white racial superiority Trump is trying to take mainstream. It’s all detailed in Sarah Posner and David Neiwart’s piece for Mother Jones, “How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream.” Jared Taylor is a key figure in white nationalist circles. He told the reporters this:

Taylor … told us that win or lose, Trump’s run has brought into view a tremendous dissatisfaction among white Americans. “Those feelings will not go away,” Taylor said. He envisions alt-right candidates for school board, city council, and mayor. “I feel my job will be done when at the PTA meeting a woman gets up and says, ‘Well of course there aren’t as many blacks in the AP courses, because they just do not have the same average IQ,’ and nobody objects.”

Scenes in New York from yesterday evening and this morning:


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