Dear Friends

I just want you to know that here in the aftermath of the U.S. elections, you’re not alone. Just that. None of us is alone. We do have each other. Please keep telling yourselves that. I will do the same.


Maybe because my wife and I have been watching the new Netflix series The Crown, I’ve been thinking today about the London Blitz of 1940-1941. I’ve been pondering the extraordinary courage of those ordinary people. And I’ve been feeling a great deal of pity for some of my fellow citizens, who, because they are so greatly afraid, decided yesterday to put our country into the hands of a man blustering that he will solve all of their problems.


Take a moment to view these photographs. If they inspire you, make a resolution today to emulate these men, women, and children, many of whom survived that dark, dark time to live out the normal span of their lives, with all life’s normal joys and heartaches.


Yours fondly,




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