The Monstrous Banality of Evil

“More government control is not the answer.”

“Oppose government-run healthcare.”

“Defund, repeal, & replace federal care with free market.”

“Repeal any federal health care takeover.”

“We will move right after the first of the year on an Obamacare repeal resolution.”

“Medicare as it exists today is finished.”


Photographs by Ilana Panich-Linsman




Anne Hollande Ullerup




Anne Hollande Ullerup


Chester Davis Judkins Jr.

Volunteered for six days in 2001 during the recovery efforts at the World Trade Center and intermittently over the next several months. Suffered from type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, ventricular tachycardia, and  multiple myeloma. Died on February 1, 2013. (Photographer: Jennifer Judkins)




Down syndrome and serious heart malfunctions. On a ventilator, tracheotomy for breathing, and nasogastric tube for feeding. Lived in the hospital for months. Finally went home, where he was being cared for by a nurse, his parents, a grandmother, an aunt, and a young cousin.  (Photographer: Guido Krueger)



Connie and Richard Williams

From Platte City, Missouri. Lived in same little house for 33 years. With her husband in poor health, she never made close friends. He suffered from PTSD after the Vietnam War and later developed diabetes, possibly from exposure to Agent Orange. In November 2013, he broke his hip and was moved into a nursing home.  He died the day after the photographer took her last pictures and left town. (Photographer: Jacobia Dahm)



Howard and Sheryl Mallinger

“Across the country more and more people are falling through the cracks, losing their homes, jobs and health care. There was a time when we believed in the American Dream and the pursuit of a better life. Unfortunately that Dream has become a nightmare for countless families who have seen everything they’ve worked so hard for slowly slip away.  Howard Mallinger is one of those Americans whose dream has been shattered.” (Photographer/Writer: Michael F. McElroy)


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