Five Quick Takes 4.10.17

  1. Ten percent of all supposedly funny people are responsible for ninety percent of all genuine, laugh-out-loud humor.
  2. A lesson I will never learn: it’s almost never me. It’s almost always the other person. Nothing I did, nothing I failed to do. Just an individual who’s having a bad day or a bad life.
  3. The benefits of global climate change are overrated.
  4. Why is it that Jehovah’s Witnesses will walk by my house, see me on the front porch or in the yard, and just keep on walking? Oh, wait, I forgot about #2 again. Sigh.
  5. Remember, as a farmer once told Flannery O’Connor, her mother, and my own mother: if you ever want to give a chicken a good time, just throw it up in the air.



Cartoon by Adam Katzenstein, in The New Yorker. 

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